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Taylor Sanders (she/her)

Global Accelerator Partnerships, GAN

Taylor oversees Global Partnerships for GAN, a highly curated, global community of independent accelerators, corporates and investors who are creating opportunities around the world for startups to access the human and financial capital they need to create and grow their businesses wherever they call home. Today, GAN represents 95 of the world’s most respected accelerators who engage with GAN to access knowledge, industry data, and valuable resources for both their programs and the portfolio companies going through those programs.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Taylor has a background in business development, partnerships, and product management in the startup tech world. In 2017, following her passion to support start-up companies around the world, Taylor joined GAN and is now strategically working to expand GAN’s Accelerator Community globally. Taylor is the person to turn to if you wish to join GAN as an accelerator and because of this, she has the unique opportunity to interact with accelerators from around the globe on a daily basis, allowing her to have a strong pulse on this ever changing startup support mechanism we call the accelerator model.

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