Truth & AI

Tackling the search for the truth
July 10, 2024

As AI becomes increasingly adept at simulating reality, from AI generated images, videos, written content, and chat partners, we are left with the questions: how are we going to be able to know what's real or not? How will we know what's true or not? And can AI itself actually help us on this quest to figure out which is which?

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This 'Truth and AI' track at StartupFest will dive into varying startups' approaches to the tricky problem of searching for truth. It has been a pursuit of humanity for ages, but now time is of the essence. Can we make 21st century breakthroughs before becoming all-consumed in an AI-generated matrix? On this day, you'll hear from ambitious companies and nonprofits exploring how we can both defend against and deploy AI capabilities to avoid stumbling over the same mistakes humans have faced by being misled for millennia. From this track, you will walk away with your mind blown by the scope of the problem, a menu of possible solutions, and some take-home ideas to incorporate into your businesses and organizations to prepare for the increasing sophistication of AI.

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Peter Kirwan

CEO & Cofounder, Mebot AI Corp

Jamie Joyce

Founder , The Society Library

Nicholas Brigham Adams

Founder/Inventor , Everileaf
Founder/Inventor , Goodly Labs
Public Editor

Shingai Manjengwa

Head of AI Education, ChainML

Philippe Beaudoin

Founder and CEO, Waverly

Brady Forrest

Partner, GenLab Venture Studio

Truth & AI Agenda 2024

July 10

5:00 PM

Truth & AI

The e-Lightenment Era

Are we coming out of the cognitive dark age into a new dawn, or will AI drive us more deeply into obfuscated intellectual darkness? See More.
The Society Library

5:30 PM

Truth & AI

The Business of Truth

Let's get real: truth may not have a great business model - or can it? Join us for a panel in which we dive into the business of truth: what is it? See More.
GenLab Venture Studio

6:10 PM

Truth & AI

Embracing an AI-First Approach in Startups

The transformative power of AI in business is undeniable, necessitating a shift towards an AI-first strategy for every startup. See More.
CEO & Cofounder
Mebot AI Corp

6:35 PM

Truth & AI

Truth & AI with Shingai Manjengwa

Details coming soon. See More.
Head of AI Education

7:00 PM

Truth & AI

A Truthier World

Reasoning Engines, Collective Human Super Intelligence, and the Parenting of AI. See More.
Goodly Labs
Public Editor

7:25 PM

Truth & AI

How are AI companies dealing with the problem of truth?

If you put an infinite number of monkeys in a room, they might write Shakespeare. See More.
Founder and CEO

8:05 PM

Truth & AI

True That!

What truths did we discover? What rang true for you? Is truth attainable at all? Perhaps that's all up to you. See More.
The Society Library

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