Speakers & AugMentors

Browse below our incredible lineup of AugMentors and speakers joining us in Montréal for Startupfest 2023.

Harley Finkelstein

President, Shopify

Dr. Theresa Johnson

Product Manager, Airbnb

Marwan Elfitesse

Head of startups, STATION F

Magaly Charbonneau

Partner, Inovia Capital

Emily Ross

Brand Strategist, Growth Engineer

Edwin Miller

CEO, Marchex

Kristen Hamilton

General Partner, Enjoy the Work

Jonathan Lowenhar

Founder & Managing Partner, Enjoy the Work

Lesley Ross

General Partner, Enjoy the Work

Shambhavi Mishra

VC, Antler

Mitch Joel

Co-founder, ThinkersOne

Michelle Yu

Investor, Georgian

Jana Eggers

CEO, Nara Logics

Harper Reed

CEO, General Galactic Corporation

Farrah Bostic

Founder, Head of Strategy & Research, The Difference Engine

Shawn Smith

Founder and CEO, Don’t dis-my-ability®

Charlotte Murray

Chief Coaching Officer, Propel

David Bureau

CFO, Finalytics

Douglas Soltys

Editor in Chief, BetaKit

Neha Khera

General Partner, 2048 Ventures

Helge Seetzen

Managing Partner & CEO, TandemLaunch

Georgiana Laudi

Product Marketing & Growth Advisor, Forget The Funnel

Lauren Jane Heller

Executive Leadership Coach, Shine+ Leadership

Randy Smerik

President & CEO, Tarari, Inc.

Lida Tohidi

Managing Director, Pidari Consultancy

Beth Thouin

Growth Advisor, Forget The Funnel

Will Bricker

Principal, Hustle Fund

Jen van der Meer

CEO, Reason Street

Caroline Widmer

Director, Pulse Incubateur HES

Meryeme Lahmami

Principal, Pender Ventures

Alistair Croll (Host)

Chair, Startupfest

Ron J. Williams

Partner, Co-Created

Jerry Overton

CEO, appliedAIstudio

Logan Wilt

COO, appliedAIstudio

Jacqueline Good

Founder & CEO, Magnestar Inc.

Prathna Ramesh

Vice President, FutureSight Ventures

Peter Kirwan

CEO, Mebot AI Corp

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