Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register for Startupfest?
What is the ticketing policy?
Who should register for Startupfest?
What is the difference between ‘Startup’ and ‘All Other’ ticket packages?
Are there group rates available?

About Startupfest

What is Startupfest?
Who are the organizers of Startupfest?
How can I get involved with Startupfest?

The Event

When is Startupfest 2024?
What should I wear at the event?
Can I be a volunteer at the event?
How can I promote my company or my products at Startupfest?
Can I become a speaker or mentor at Startupfest 2024?
Will there be events happening off-site around Montréal?

News and Updates

How can I get the latest updates on Startupfest?

Other FAQs

I'd like to promote Startupfest online. Could I get your logo and some info?
What are Startupfest’s COVID-19 safety protocols?
How do I report a Code of Conduct violation?

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