Startupfest at a Glance

We’re not called a festival for nothing. Startupfest’s energy is unmatched; from unparalleled views from our tower, to waterfront lounging, nightlife, and the most spectacular festival city as our home. 
Learn how the 3 main pillars of Startupfest fit together to create an unforgettable experience; the Startupfest Main Content, the Startupfest Village, and the Premium Fests.


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The Premium Fests


This is an ideal platform for those looking to expand their knowledge and connections in the venture capital ecosystem.

Who is this for: Exclusive gathering for those who fund the venture capital ecosystem.
How to attend: By invitation only.
In partnership with: HarbourVest, Inovia and RBCx



GPFest is designed to educate, inspire and build community within the venture capital ecosystem, with a special focus on creating more cross-border ties.

Who is this for: Venture Capital investors.
How to attend: Venture Capital Investors can select the Startupfest + GPFest ticket here.
In partnership with: Pender Ventures, Banque Nationale and KRB



Back for an 11th edition as a forum for discussions on best practices and challenges faced by those running acceleration programs.

Who is this for: Those who drive and operate acceleration programs across the globe.
How to attend: Accelerator directors, program managers, and community managers, can select the Startupfest + AcceleratorFest ticket here.
In partnership with: Political Intelligence


Startupfest VF

This 100% francophone event is the place to be to meet the key players in the export field, as well as receiving sound advice from experts and entrepreneurs who have conquered the business world.

Who is this for: For anyone wishing to develop the tools essential to your success in the global marketplace. 
How to attend: Startupfest VF is included in the Startupfest ticket. To attend, simply purchase your ticket to Startupfest.
In partnership with: Québec Tech



A half-day conference where groundbreaking ideas in robotics, AI, and advanced manufacturing await exploration and expansion.

Who is this for: HardtechFest is for anyone interested in Hardtech, Deeptech, Robotics, AI, and advanced manufacturing. 
How to attend: HardtechFest is included in the Startupfest ticket. To attend, simply purchase your ticket to Startupfest. 
In partnership with: Garage & co


BDC Women In Tech Bootcamp

This half day event is designed to connect women founders, and leaders of technology companies with the resources they need to scale their businesses.

Who is this for: The BDC WIT Bootcamp is for high-tech companies (companies with potential to scale) founded or led by at least one member who identifies as a woman.
How to attend: Application required. 
In partnership with: BDC



OceanFest is a one-day event focused on top Blue Tech trends such as Ocean AI, ocean-based carbon capture, underwater drones and many more!

Who is this for: OceanFest is for anyone interested in Blue tech and the Blue economy.
How to attend: OceanFest is included in the Startupfest ticket. To attend, simply purchase your ticket to Startupfest. 
In partnership with: Novarium, Canada's Ocean Supercluster, the Ocean Startup Project and Secrétariat aux relations canadiennes



From healthcare and education to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, these startups are pioneering innovative technologies and business models to create meaningful impact across various sectors.

Who is this for? Impact Investors, Impact Entrepreneurs and Impact-Curious Individuals
How to attend: ImpactFest is included in the Startupfest ticket. To attend, simply purchase your ticket to Startupfest. 
In partnership with: CIVIC and BDC

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Startupfest Main Content

Startupfest is known for world-class content. This year, in addition to our keynote stage, we have a fabulous lineup of mentors, and more intimate sessions than ever to allow for direct interaction with our seasoned speakers.

Keynote Sessions
Founder and Funder Sessions
Mentor Roundtable Sessions
Startup Skills Sessions
Truth Track
Pitch Competition Finals
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The Startupfest Village

At Startupfest, the Startupfest Village is one of the most unique and attractive aspects of the entire event. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages people to look away from their screens and make real-time connections. This is home to our prizes, matchmaking, investment opportunities and more, happening everyday of the festival.

Learn more about what is happening in the Startupfest Village here.

Onstage Pitches

The art of the pitch takes center stage - literally. Hand-selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their startup to a captivated audience, giving attendees a firsthand look at what’s usually saved for our investor judges. Whether you're an aspiring founder seeking inspiration or an investor scouting for the next big thing, the onstage pitches promise to be an exciting addition to the Startupfest lineup.

$100k Investment Prizes

From $100k investment prizes, to our panel of Grandmother judges- there’s no shortage of pitch opportunities to secure funding for your business. Simply find the competition that’s right for you, line up, and pitch! 
Click here for more info on our prizes and pitch competitions.


The Startupfest Village is teaming with networking opportunities, some of which include;
Braindates: The perfect platform and space for knowledge sharing and connecting with peers.  
Match-Ups: Curated 1:1 meetings between key players in the startup ecosystem.
Accelerator Zone: Meet accelerators from across the country and beyond.
Startup Services Zone: A zone designed to get you in front of all the services you need to grow your business.
Partners: Find our partners throughout the Startupfest village ready to bring value to startups in any and every way they can!

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