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Evan Patronik

Chef de la Sélection de Projets (Venture Selection), Unreasonable Group

Evan is a relationship developing, possibility creating, audacious project ideating, people potential maximizing, enthusiasm amplifying kid-at-heart who never quite stops seeing the silver lining in life’s trials and tribulations. He is currently the Captain of Venture Selection at the Unreasonable Group where he hunts for high-growth, high-impact ventures solving the world’s BFPs [Big F**king Problems]. He is also living out some childhood dreams as an avid volunteer-firefighter with the Lyons Fire Protection District in Colorado. Evan has held many diverse jobs and is proudly a jack-of-many-trades, loving the areas of research, systems & processes development, building wooden surfboards, problem solving, salvage, firefighting and spreading excitement & passion like a contagion.


Best Pitch Competition

13 juillet 2018  15:15 – 16:00
7 startups compete for the title of "Best Pitch". See more.
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