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July 10, 2024
As the Canadian tech ecosystem blossoms, we recognize an untapped potential in hardtech - a realm where groundbreaking ideas in robotics, AI, and advanced manufacturing await exploration and expansion. HardtechFest 2024 isn't just an event; it's a beacon calling forth the architects of tomorrow's technology.  Join us at HardtechFest 2024, and be part of the movement that propels Canada to the forefront of the global tech revolution. 

How to Attend

HardtechFest is for anyone interested in Hardtech, Deeptech, Robotics, AI, and advanced manufacturing. HardtechFest is included in the Startupfest ticket. To attend, simply purchase your ticket to Startupfest.

But Why HardtechFest? Why Now?

In contrast to the declining exit market for SaaS companies since 2016, the Hardtech startup ecosystem witnessed unprecedented growth the last few years. With a surge in share, a burgeoning unicorn count and a staggering increase in exits between 2022 and 2023, the Hardtech sector is undoubtedly ripe for investment and ripe with opportunities. Canada, with its rich heritage of innovation, stands on the threshold of a new era. Be there to witness, participate, and lead in the unfolding story of Canada's tech future.

The Importance of Hardtech

Fostering Innovation
Bringing Stakeholders Together
Driving Investment and Growth
Community Building and Knowledge Sharing
Highlighting Industry Trends and Opportunities
Impact on Innovators and Community


Laurence Audette-Lagueux

General Manager, Garage & co

Stuart Kozlick

Founder & CEO | Fractional Executive | Partner, Kozlick Medical | CYLAD

Susan Schofer

Partner, SOSV
Partner & Chief Science Officer, HAX

Soula Chronopoulos

President, AquaAction

Marc Guilbert

CEO, BXVentures

Diana Horqque Ratto

Executive Director , V1 Studio

Hayden Smith

Chief Executive Officer, FeX Energy

Sophie Forest

Partner, Brightspark Ventures

Nicholas Nadeau

CTO, SmartOne

Samantha Rudolph

Senior Product Lead, dcbel

Tim Tokarsky

Founding partner , i4 Capital

Artmiz Golkaramnay

Founder, LATYS Intelligence

Chris Neumann

General Partner, Panache Ventures

Suzie Dufour

Technical Director - BioMedTech, INO

Bertrand Nepveu

Rastaman, Triptyq Capital

Mike Lee

Funding Expert, Fundica

Guillaume Bédard

VP Growth , Tangent Design Engineering Ltd
Partner, Tangible Venture Partners

Maria Julia Guimaraes

CEO, Totum Tech

Jean-Simon Boucher

CEO, Cortech Sports

Richard LaBerge

President, IMPACK CPR inc.

Erin O'Keefe Graham

Incubator Director, Angel Investor, Emera ideaHUB, Women's Equity Lab

Raymond Chik

Chairman, HardTech Investor Network

Charles Lesperance

Partner - Deep Tech Venture Fund, BDC

Samson Bowen-Bronet

CEO, Altiro Energy

Daniel McGuire


Emmanuelle Coppinger

Managing Partner, Front Row Ventures

Farhad Farnia

Co-founder and CEO, Ecofilter Tek

Kimia Shafighi

CEO, Biocene

Gregory Dudek

Founder, Independent Robotics

HardtechFest Agenda 2024

July 10

5:00 PM


Welcome to HardtechFest

Join Content Co-Chairs, Stuart Kozlick and Laurence Audette-Lagueux, as they welcome you to the first edition of HardtechFest. See More.
Founder & CEO | Fractional Executive | Partner
Kozlick Medical | CYLAD
General Manager
Garage & co

5:05 PM


The Pulse of the Canadian Hardtech Ecosystem

Dive into the heart of the hardtech ecosystem with our keynote address. We'll shed light on the Canadian hardtech landscape, the reality of engaging with VCs, and realities of raising capital as a hardtech startup. A must-see for anyone looking to understand where the industry is now and where it's going. See More.
General Partner
Panache Ventures

5:20 PM


Forging the Future: Pioneering Sustainable Hardtech

Explore the transformative power of hard tech in fostering a sustainable future in our dynamic talk. See More.
Partner & Chief Science Officer

5:35 PM


Innovating Health: Hardtech's Frontline

Witness the cutting-edge of healthcare as three innovative companies pitch their solutions designed to revolutionize patient care, diagnostics, and wellness. This session showcases the latest in health-focused hardtech, highlighting the potential for technology to transform lives. See More.
Totum Tech
Cortech Sports

5:50 PM


From Concept to Market: The Hardtech Journey

Join us for a deep dive into the unique challenges and opportunities facing hardtech startups as they grow within the Canadian ecosystem. From the complexities of navigating regulatory landscapes to harnessing the potential of emerging technologies, our panel of industry experts will share invaluable insights, strategies, and real-world experiences. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what it takes to thrive in one of the world's most dynamic startup environments. See More.
Executive Director
V1 Studio
Senior Product Lead
LATYS Intelligence
Technical Director - BioMedTech

6:30 PM


For Climate Problems There Are Hardtech Solutions

Achieving net zero is our paramount challenge, one that can't be tackled solely through SaaS. Scaling up climate hardware solutions is critical if we want to reach our climate goals. Join us for this session featuring visionary entrepreneurs who will give us hope for a brighter future. See More.
Chief Executive Officer
FeX Energy
Altiro Energy

6:45 PM


Networking break

7:05 PM


Where Does All the Money Go? Decoding Financing for Hardware Startups

Unlock the secrets of securing hardtech funding in "Where does the money go?" A must-attend panel for startups aiming to understand the investor mindset. Find out what makes a startup bankable, from investment criteria to strategic positioning. Learn directly from financial experts and top hardtech investors how to prepare your venture for success. This session offers the tools to transform your startup into an attractive investment, bridging innovation with financial viability. See More.
Funding Expert
Brightspark Ventures
Managing Partner
Front Row Ventures
VP Growth
Tangent Design Engineering Ltd
Tangible Venture Partners
Founding partner
i4 Capital

7:45 PM


The Proof Is in the Concept : Three Scaleups Successfully Solving the Water Crisis (Presented by AquaAction)

The world’s water supply is finite – there is no new water – so, how can we protect this shared, precious resource? HardtechFest Community Partner,  AquaAction, presents their most innovative hardtech startups, working and succeeding in solving one of our most pressing crises, the preservation of fresh water.  See More.
Co-founder and CEO
Ecofilter Tek
Independent Robotics

8:00 PM


Oxford Debate: Hardtech Startups Are a Bad Investment

Securing a 10x boost in hardware financing proves challenging; it's less about venture capital and more about navigating the realm of corporate and project development. Join us for an engaging Oxford-style debate where venture capitalists and corporate development experts will go head-to-head, discussing the challenges and opportunities in funding hardware projects. Explore the role of venture capital versus corporate partnerships in driving innovation and navigating the complexities of hardware financing See More.
Partner & Chief Science Officer
Triptyq Capital
Incubator Director, Angel Investor
Emera ideaHUB, Women's Equity Lab
HardTech Investor Network
Partner - Deep Tech Venture Fund

8:45 PM


How Should We Start?

Chair, Stuart Kozlick is joined by Hardtech veteran, Nicholas Nadeau for a fireside chat on what it will take to build a thriving hardtech ecosystem for startups and innovators. See More.
Founder & CEO | Fractional Executive | Partner
Kozlick Medical | CYLAD

9:00 PM


Closing Remarks

General Manager
Garage & co

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