The Pitching Startups

Impact Showcase

Pitch Stage | July 11th at 10am

Don’t miss the chance to meet the startups who will change the world and make money doing it. Smart investors realize these objectives are no longer mutually exclusive. BDC’s Thrive Lab and its co-investment partners have searched the country to curate the top 25 women-led social impact startups at their first Impact Showcase.  Join us to hear each company ­­­­pitch and provide a demo on the Pitch Stage on Thursday July 11th at 10am.


Sévrine Labelle

Managing Director, Thrive Lab, BDC

Graham Hill

Founder, CEO, The Carbonauts &

Hilary Kilgour

Co-Founder & Managing Partner , Audaxa Ventures

Melissa Allen

Founding Partner, Capital M Ventures
Executive Director, League of Innovators

Annick Charbonneau

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Accelia Capital

Louis Delorme

Associate, Amplify Capital

The Impact Showcase Pitching Startups


ALT TEX creates biodegradable and recyclable alternatives to synthetic textiles, engineered from food waste.

Nominated by: MaRS


Automating digital community management with A.I.

Nominated by: The 51

Aruna Revolution

Aruna is creating compostable menstrual pads made from local plant by-products.

Nominated by: Yspace


LLM enabled medication management

Nominated by: Front Row Ventures

BetterCart Analytics

AI-driven price analytics and competitive intelligence for the Agri-Food sector.

Nominated by: StartUp TNT


Transforming food waste into sustainable surfactants.

Nominated by: Good&Well

Green Graphite Technologies Inc

Commercializing technology to sustainably produce Lithium-Ion Battery grade graphite for electric vehicles.

Nominated by: Cycle Momentum

Iris + Arlo

Sustainable period care impact brand + EdTech (B2B + B2C)

Nominated by: EVOL

Juno Technologies

Juno develops a medical and wearable device that alleviates menstrual pain rapidly - for a lasting relief.

Nominated by: Centech


PragmaClin has created PRIMS, a clinical assessment tool for streamlining the evaluation of neurological conditions.

Nominated by: Genesis


Scalable and circular mycelium-based leather alternative.

Nominated by: University of Toronto


Take the financial guesswork out of cutting carbon

Nominated by: Spring

Tripura Breath

Breathing Engine : Breathe smarter with AI

Nominated by: Zú

 Partage Club

The neighbour-sharing platform.

Nominated by: Anges Québec


Turnkey zero-emission urban logistics system.

Nominated by: Esplanade

Myomar Molecular

We are developing the first test to detect muscle health using urine sample.

Nominated by: Firehood

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is the first company in Canada harvesting the power of precision fermentation to make animal-free caseins - our proteins are revolutionizing alternative dairy!

Nominated by: Raven Indigenous Capital Partners


Treehouse offers an all-in-one online platform tailored for providers in maternal and family healthcare including a dedicated hub for clients.

Nominated by: Sheboot

Made with Local

Radically sustainable and delicious snacks.

Nominated by: Volta

Mino Care

Mino Care provides holistic culturally safe perinatal and reproductive care as unique as your experience. 

Nominated by: DMZ

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Startup Showcase

Pitch Stage | July 10th at 10am, 1:30pm, and July 11 at 1:30pm

Discover tomorrow's pioneers today at our Startup Showcases, a highlight of Startupfest. Dive into a world of innovation as visionary founders pitch groundbreaking ideas, investors seek the next big thing, and attendees witness the future of entrepreneurship firsthand. Don't miss out on the excitement – join us and be part of shaping tomorrow's success stories.

The Startup Showcase Pitching Startups


Material discovery with Quantum Chemistry & AI.

Nominated by: University of Toronto Entrepreneurship


Simplify your immigration path.

Nominated by: La Base entrepreneuriale HEC


The Tesla of construction works.

Nominated by: La base HEC Montréal


We accelerate and de-risk nanomedicine R&D.

Nominated by: V1 Studio

Spheroid AI

Spheroid aims to bring personalized cancer medicine into the age of AI.

Nominated by: V1 Studio

Injoy Health

Capturing Bathroom Time to Turn Gut Instincts into Actionable Insights.

Nominated by: Startupfest


Let's transform the amputee experience together.

Nominated by: V1 Studio

Phoenix Impact

Phoenix Impact reduces life sciences plastic waste by more than 80%.

Nominated by: Propolys - Polytechnique Montreal tech incubator


Bringing clinical-grade skincare home with wearable technology.

Nominated by: University of Toronto Entrepreneurship


Nospharma is innovating treatments for rare neurological disorders.

Nominated by: NeuroSphere

Jeux Face4 inc.

Creation, publishing and distribution of family and tourist games.

Nominated by: MT Lab


Forecast climate risks on agriculture. 

Nominated by: Propolys - Polytechnique Montreal tech incubator


WE wants to be the Software Engine that powers the next-generation of location-based entertainment.

Nominated by: MT Lab

Iris + Arlo

Created by and for menstruating people, Iris + Arlo is a social and environmental impact brand focused on global health, offering healthy, sustainable and designer products.

Nominated by: Startup Montréal


Reusable takeout packaging solution with track-and-trace technology.

Nominated by: Startupfest



Monitoring Heart Failure Patients Health Without the Hospital Visit.

Nominated by: C2 Mtl


AI-powered interior design and furnishing company. 

Nominated by: Startupfest


Toothpod improves global oral care through a dental smart gum that cleans the teeth when there is no access to a toothbrush or toothpaste.

Nominated by: University of Toronto Entrepreneurship


Pagato connects businesses with vetted temporary workers.

Nominated by: Startupfest


Reconnecting nature to the city.

Nominated by: Millénium Québecor - UdeM

Vega BioImaging

Vega BioImaging optimizes cancer treatment selection. 

Nominated by: Startupfest

Trippl Inc.

1st-party data & analytics for Tourism Destinations.

Nominated by: Startup Atlantic

Mycro Harvest

AI-powered mushroom farms.

Nominated by: MaRs

Bia education

Innovative technological solutions for rehabilitation professionals to enhance rehabilitation care.

Nominated by: LE CAMP


Combines the power of play and local culture.

Nominated by: LE CAMP

Digita11y Accessible Inc.

Simplifying digital accessibility for enterprises.

Nominated by: IDEA Mississauga powered by Invest Mississauga

Propulsion technologies

Propulsion connects work teams and gets everyone active together.

Nominated by: LE CAMP

Amp Health

Changing the future of chronic disease prevention with real-time data, AI + personalized behaviour change.

Nominated by: Startup Atlantic


The Only Holistic and Bilingual Program in the World.

Nominated by: Startup Atlantic

Myomar Molecular Inc.

Building Innovative Products to Better Understand Muscle Health.

Nominated by: Startup Atlantic

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