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Michael Baum

Chairman & CEO, FOUNDER.org

Michael is a technology entrepreneur, disruptor and investor with a hunger to chase big ideas and change the world. He is the founder of five venture backed start-ups including Splunk, the first Big Data company to IPO. As founding CEO, Michael built a diverse and insanely passionate team that quickly scaled a geeky idea into an iconic technology brand and one of the world's fastest growing software companies with more than 4,000 customers in 75 countries including most of the Fortune 100. Splunk executed a game changing approach to marketing and selling enterprise technology with a low friction, high velocity business model fueling the company's growth. With only $40M in funding, Splunk achieved one of the most successful technology company IPOs in the last decade with the company's stock increasing 109% in the first day of trading. Michael is now a partner with Rembrandt Venture Partners working with the next generation of technology entrepreneurs to build great companies.

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