Canada’s original startup conference

July 12-14, 2023 – Montréal, Canada


Genuine connections in a digital world

For our 13th edition, Startupfest returns to Montréal but with a new and exciting direction. This year we’re honing in on two major shifts in society; the augmentation of humans by machines, and the newfound importance of genuine human connection. In 2023, we’re embracing both of these changes and weaving them into every part of Canada’s original startup event. 

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Practice what we preach

The new realities of augmented work and the increased importance of human connection will launch a wave of fundamentally different businesses. Startups need to adapt, and so do we. This year we’ll infuse AI tools to augment your festival experience while still focusing on meaningful content. We’ll also double down on serendipitous interactions and genuine connections, for which Startupfest has always been famous.

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Our 2023 Speakers and AugMentors

Startupfest brings an incredible lineup of mentors and experts to give attendees one-on-one insights, as well as exceptional speakers with surprising, inspiring stories and the kind of content you won’t find anywhere else. Here's some of our 2023 Speakers and AugMentors.

Harley Finkelstein

President, Shopify

Dr. Theresa Johnson

Product Manager, Airbnb

Marwan Elfitesse

Head of startups, STATION F

Magaly Charbonneau

Partner, Inovia Capital

Emily Ross

Brand Strategist, Growth Engineer

Edwin Miller

CEO, Marchex

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