The Startupfest Quiz

Published On Jun 22, 2022

Think you know Startupfest? Think again. With over a decade of history driving the Canadian tech ecosystem forward, we have plenty of stories. Do you remember all the places the event has taken place around the city? Can you name some of our most well-known speakers? How many different “fests” have been part of the event?

As you’ve seen, we’re running plenty of unexpected activations this summer in our goal to create the “unwebinar”—a lineup of interactions, engineered serendipity, and genuine connections. We’re on a mission to get you out of your seat, out of your comfort zone, and into conversation with the investors, founders, and experts who can take your startup to the next level.

Startupfest Quiz

Some of these activations are backed by some serious engineering. Our Five Fresh Faces matchmaking system borrows from Nobel Prize-winning algorithms; Hive Mind uses technology to solicit the best questions, then harness the wisdom of the crowd to spark new ideas; and Conversation Codes prompt you to answer questions with new friends around startup roles and challenges.

But let’s face it: Some of the activations are just plain fun. So you’ll be taking a trip down memory lane with a Startupfest trivia contest, and even participating in Demographic Aerobics to get your blood flowing. It’s all part of delivering an unparalleled experience this summer in the Old Port.

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