What is a braindate?

A braindate is a knowledge-sharing conversation that participants can have one-on-one or in a group, on a topic of their choice. Braindate offers the opportunity to learn from your fellow participants at Startupfest about the subjects that are most pertinent to you.
Want to hear someone’s experience about pitching to investors? Exchange best practices about marketing strategy? Book a braindate with the entrepreneurs at Startupfest to start learning with intention!

Register for Braindate

It’s simple:

  1. Log into Braindate to create your profile using the email you registered with:
  2. Explore the topic market–where all participants (including you!) post the knowledge they are willing to share.
  3. Pick something you want to learn or create your own topic.
  4. Book your braindates and meet in person at Startupfest!

Note: You MUST BE REGISTERED FOR STARTUPFEST TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE PLATFORM. Once registered, you’ll receive an invitation!

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