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Alice Zagury (elle)

PDG et cofondatrice, The Family

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Alice was born into a family driven by the progressive ideals of the 1960s, a world full of music, art and culture. Growing up in the suburbs, she felt and saw the discrimination and underlying racism around her. The 2008 crisis exacerbated things, reinforcing just how incapable society was at integrating young people and minorities.

She discovered the tech world almost by accident. She first worked with art galleries and artists’ collectives, and then some engineers, before she was struck with the desire to help those new players of economic growth, startups. The digital world used fresh tools that could defeat those barriers that she had always seen: a culture of sharing, of learning from one’s errors, that valorizes “doing”.

While she was working in a non-profit organization for tech communities, Alice travelled across Europe to discover various ecosystems before then starting the first accelerator in France.

That’s where she came across Nicolas and Oussama, as she searched for advisors to help her young startups. Their meeting was a real bolt of lightning, and they decided to start their own adventure – The Family – based on their profound sense that entrepreneurs can change the world.

The Family provides entrepreneurs with the most favorable environment for success: education, tools and access to capital, and it now includes hundreds of ambitious startups. Four years after our launch, that’s over 500 startups, €350M fundraised, 4M views on YouTube and incredible stories like Algolia, Captain Train, Agricool, Payfit and Side.co.


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