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Robert Simon (he/him)

Associé directeur principal-IT , BDC Capital

Robert Simon joined BDC Capital in 2011 as Senior Managing Partner in the IT Venture Fund. He is responsible for overseeing the IT Venture Fund investments and maximizing value creation across the portfolio.

Robert brings over 25 years of experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist in the field of information technology. He began his career as co-founder of T/Maker Graphics, a developer of Macintosh and IBM PC graphics and desktop publishing products. After founding and co-funding other high-tech businesses, in 1997, he moved into venture capital as a partner with Sierra Ventures, where he identified, sourced and evaluated business opportunities in the internet e-commerce and enterprise software sectors. During this time, he also founded DotBank, a direct competitor to PayPal, where he negotiated partnerships and its sale to Yahoo. In 2000, Robert became General Partner with Alta Partners, with an investment focus in Internet infrastructure, enterprise software, network security and wireless. More recently, he has been the Managing Director/Venture Partner with Saints Dakota/Saints Capital, a portfolio of companies purchased from Safeguard Scientifics.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.



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