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Tabatha Soltay

"Game Changer", Facilitatrice et Innovatrice, TabTalks

Described by some as an Agent of Chaos and their General Do’er, Tabatha Soltay is a game changer, networker, opportunist, innovator, disruptive thinker and process designer focused on designing and building card games that change how we interact. A former federal public servant, Tabatha believes in public service and is using her experience to explore new ways to collaborate on complex problems, and empower individuals and communities. Tabatha is the Founder of TabTalks where she custom designs serious games to help individuals and communities make connections between ideas and find win-win situations. These custom designed games allow for collaboration on complex problems and empower individuals and communities to learn. Tabatha’s most recent launch has been Can I Help? a card game designed to create a safe space for open conversations around mental health and workplace wellbeing. Tabatha believes that games can bring stakeholders together to explore issues in novel ways, games allow for open discussion as well as the exploration of new ideas and opportunities. Her games have explored community resilience, lean and agile principles, use (and abuse) of social media, innovation in a hierarchical organization, and mental health. Her next big project is a suit of games to explore pain points and learning for the start-up community, with REStrukt™: Serendipity her first in this series. Tabatha has a Masters in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford, and a triple major from the University of Toronto. Currently based in Ottawa, Canada. She is singularly obsessed with winter, whitewater canoes and travel.

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