July 10, 2024  1:25 PM GMT-4 – 1:50 PM GMT-4

A Look Inside the Early-Stage Startup Ecosystem’s New Era of Innovation

Against the backdrop of ongoing market turbulence, it’s never been a better time to be an early-stage founder. This is in-part due to the emergence of a new wave of innovation with artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech and nanotechnology poised to change the world. As Chief Investment Officer of Techstars, the world’s largest pre-seed investor, Andrew Cleland has an inside look at the cutting-edge new startups that have the potential to disrupt a legion of established businesses and ‘legacy’ tech players. In this session, Andrew will share his view on the state of innovation in the early-stage startup ecosystem, expanding on the drivers of innovation, his outlook on the most innovative sectors and hubs, and key insights on the life of the early-stage entrepreneur.

Chief Investment Officer
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