July 11, 2024  4:25:00 PM GMT-4 – 4:55:00 PM GMT-4

How to navigate funding if you are addressing a grand challenge

With the clock ticking on our decade of action, a certain breed of funders is stepping away from isolated quick fixes and narrow tech-centric visions. Instead, they radically collaborate to shift the entire system of early-stage finance across venture capital, government agencies, foundations, NGOs, and family offices. This ecosystem isn't just about combining materials and capital; it combines visions, expertise, and networks to fuel ambitious outcomes and long-term impact. Through real-life stories from sectors like health, mobility, renewable energy, and climate resilience, Jen will demystify how your startup can plug into these emerging networks. You'll learn to navigate this new landscape and benefit from non-dilutive funding and equity investment to propel your venture toward significant impact.

Reason Street
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