July 10, 2024  10:00:00 AM GMT-4 – 12:00:00 PM GMT-4

Workshop: Subversive Marketing

How did Farmville go from nowhere to 72 million users in a matter of months? How did Genghis Khan establish the largest land empire in history? Why does Kraft Mac and Cheese sell a million boxes a day? How did New York cab drivers double their average tip values overnight? How did the Chinese government plug a $158M tax loss with a change to receipts?

Each of these companies—and thousands before them—won not because of what they sold, but because of how they brought themselves to market. They subverted the system. Subversive marketing is a skill you can learn—and one that's vital if your startup hopes to compete with big, well-funded incumbents.

Let's be honest: Nobody cares about your product unless you make them. To win, you need to spend at least as much time on go-to-market strategy as you do on building your product. But if you're like most founders, your product is our happy place: It's comfortable, predictable, and within your control. So you neglect go-to-market strategy.

This workshop will fix that.

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