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Logan Wilt (she/her)

COO, appliedAIstudio

Logan Wilt is COO and co-founder of the appliedAIstudio. As a data scientist and an executive she finds the best paths to answers by keeping solutions centered on human outcomes. Logan knows that artificial intelligence is most impactful when it augments people, either by covering for natural human weaknesses or realigning individual incentives. Logan has had a cornucopic career which gave her the breadth and depth to succeed at leading the stand-up of a 100 person strong AI Center of Intelligence at DXC Technology. Today she is using the inspiration of that experience to launch the appliedAIstudio with her cofounder, Jerry Overton. Logan holds a BS in Business Management from East Stroudsburg University. When Logan is not running the appliedAIstudio, she can be found updating her house to grow as many plants as possible.


Changing the Game for Human-Centered Startups

July 13, 2023  8:00 PM – 8:45 PM
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