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Phil Cutler (he/him)

Founder & CEO, Paper

Philip Cutler, CEO and co-founder of Paper, is a visionary leader driving the education tech industry to new heights. Kicking off his career in the classroom, Cutler observed first-hand how inequities embedded within the education system were creating lifelong learning gaps for students. Determined to bridge these achievement gaps, he founded Paper, a personalized learning platform that empowers all students. Paper provides students with unlimited 24/7 tutoring, practice tools, review resources and career and college readiness support.

Under Cutler’s guidance, Paper has emerged as one of Canada’s most impactful and fastest-growing companies in the education technology sector. Through strategic partnerships with school districts and state departments of education, Paper provides its educational support system at no cost to students and their families. Currently, the company boasts an impressive network of over 400 school district partners across 40 U.S. states and Canada – bringing best-in-class personalized learning tools to the hands of 3 million students.

Paper continues to expand its education offerings, recently acquiring reading instruction software Readlee and career readiness platform MajorClarity, two landmark acquisitions that expanded the company’s product ecosystem offering comprehensive personalized academic support to all students.

Cutler’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond his work with Paper. Prior to founding the company, he was the youngest-ever elected City Councillor in Westmount, Quebec, serving the community for eight years. In addition, Cutler founded and operated Montreal's largest private day camp, Laurus Summer Camp, another example of his dedication to creating meaningful and enriching experiences for young individuals.

With his unwavering commitment to educational equity, his sharp business acumen, and his proven track record for success in the field, Philip Cutler is paving a singular path in education — one where Paper upends the traditional education system, equipping all students with personalized learning to maximize outcomes and lifetime potential.

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