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Heather Anne Ritchie-Dwyer (she/her)

Strategist and Marketer, Formerly StealthTest by nameless (acquired Dec 2023)

Heather is a dedicated tech executive and experienced strategist with nearly two decades of diverse industry roles, including business operations, marketing, and communications. As a two-time founder, she brings a wealth of entrepreneurial expertise.

With a profound passion for innovation, Heather has been a driving force behind pioneering startups. She co-founded Repable, advancing the field of live stream analytics, and Onboardly, demand marketing for tech companies. She recently held senior roles at U.S.-based web3 organizations, Jambb and StealthTest, in Boston and Austin, respectively.

Heather is a pragmatic digital "translator," bridging gaps between emerging tech and stakeholders. She excels at articulating startup narratives to captivate and motivate, emphasizing new trends' value.

In the Canadian startup ecosystem, Heather is a prominent advocate for innovation. She's also a proud mother of two.

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