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Haley Bryant (she/her)

Principal, Hustle Fund

Haley is a pre-seed investor at Hustle Fund, investing in great founders that look like anyone and come from anywhere across b2b SaaS, digital consumer health, fintech, and web3. Haley broke into VC as an angel operator, and has invested in over 50 companies to date.


Mastering early stage fundraising

July 10, 2024  1:55 PM – 2:25 PM
Learn how to craft a compelling narrative, run a tight fundraising process, and get investment for your startup. We’ll cover how to close deals, nurture relationships, and avoid common pitfalls. See more.

Mentor Roundtables: Let's solve your problems

July 10, 2024  5:55 PM – 6:55 PM
Every startup must master a range of skills, from hiring and selling, to delivering products, to crafting superb communications that compel and entice. See more.

Building a capital efficient startup

July 10, 2024  7:55 PM – 8:25 PM
We’ll cover key metrics to think about, building a model, and what you can do to keep burn in check as you grow. See more.

Mentor roundtables: Taboo Topics (back by popular demand!)

July 11, 2024  5:10 PM – 6:10 PM
There's no such thing as a stupid question—but there are plenty of questions nobody asks, because they're taboo. See more.

Community as a Sourcing Strategy

July 11, 2024  7:25 PM – 7:55 PM
Many top early-stage venture firms use community initiatives such as conference, events, and training programs as a pillar of their sourcing strategy. In this panel, hear from three leading investors on the opportunities and challenges of community focused strategies. See more.
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