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Hayden Smith (he/him)

Chief Executive Officer, FeX Energy

Hayden C. Smith 
Founder, builder, CEO, humble servant, coach, exponential thinker, purpose-guru, family man

Hayden Smith unleashes human energy in leaders and teams to innovate a more sustainable world.  His life’s mission is to help every human being gain reliable access to energy, the lifeblood of dignity and prosperity, while leaving a more habitable planet for generations to come.

After a decorated career in energy innovation and leadership, Hayden co-founded Siemens Energy Ventures in 2020, enabling thousands of employees from around the world to take small steps beyond their comfort zone, build business from their ideas and secure investment to do so.   Whether as CEO of his energy storage company, FeX Energy, in his role at BXVentures Studio, or as a mentor with Techstars, Hayden serves individuals in finding their best selves, unleashes the magic of teams to innovate around challenge, burn-down innovation risk, and secure sponsorship while holding firm to their founding values.

He speaks passionately about human-centered leadership, exponential innovation, and the bright future ahead.  He’s moderated large conferences such as Siemens Energy’s annual business conference where he energized and inspired the companies’ top 250 leaders to drive its cultural transformation.  

Hayden is eager to leverage his passionate rhetoric, entrepreneurial skills, corporate compass, and empathetic ear to inspire individual and collective change towards a better world. 


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July 10, 2024  7:15 PM – 7:30 PM
Achieving net zero is our paramount challenge, one that can't be tackled solely through SaaS. Scaling up climate hardware solutions is critical if we want to reach our climate goals. Join us for this session featuring visionary entrepreneurs who will give us hope for a brighter future. See more.
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