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Stuart Kozlick (he/him)

Founder & CEO | Fractional Executive | Partner, Kozlick Medical | CYLAD

With over two decades of experience as a MedTech Executive within the vibrant Montréal and Québec ecosystem, Stuart Kozlick stands out as a seasoned professional with extensive subject matter expertise in every facet of medical device development, innovation, research, and commercialization. His multifaceted background as an engineer and entrepreneur specializing in medical technologies, devices, and healthcare systems positions him as a go-to leader for strategic initiatives that involve the integration and development of complex medical device systems within clinical settings.

Stuart's passion lies in the realm of early-stage ventures, where his expertise is instrumental in conducting comprehensive market analyses, needs assessments, and defining both products and business models. His strategic prowess extends to corporate strategic positioning and planning, as well as executing effective go-to-market strategies. As part of his holistic approach, Stuart actively engages with industry developers, innovators, government bodies, healthcare institutions, and academic and research institutions, fostering collaborations that drive innovation and progress within the medical landscape.

Throughout his illustrious career, Stuart has not only led but successfully launched numerous research, product development, and clinical engineering programs, resulting in the global commercialization of ground-breaking products. His dedication remains unwavering and is centered on the ever-growing medical ecosystem. Stuart's mission revolves around accelerating the adoption and accessibility of disruptive medical technology, ultimately seeking to enhance the quality of patients' lives. His visionary leadership and commitment to advancing healthcare technology make him a key player in shaping the future of the industry, ensuring that innovations positively impact patients on a global scale.



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