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Marianne Dubois (she/her)

Manager, Discovery Program / Montreal, Inovia

This speaker is exclusively speaking at LPFest.

Marianne is a seasoned sales expert who joined Inovia in November 2022. With over a decade of experience, she has a proven track record of helping founders grow their businesses and reach their goals by building solid go-to-market, acquisition, and retention strategies.

Throughout her career, she has played a crucial role in driving the success of companies like Heyday (bought by Hootsuite for $48M) and Silofit. Her expertise in partnership development, software implementation, sales and retention strategy, have helped these startups reach millions in revenue.

At Inovia, she continues to make a positive impact as she works with the Venture team to help companies achieve their full potential. With her unique blend of experience and expertise, Marianne is assisting companies across various industries to boost their revenue growth.

A graduate of ESG with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercialization, she is a valuable resource for anyone looking to supercharge their sales success.


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