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Simon De Baene (he/him)

CEO, Workleap

Simon De Baene is the visionary Co-founder and CEO of Workleap, a leading software company that makes work simpler for more than 20,000 companies in over 100 countries.  

Under his leadership, Workleap has grown from a 3-person startup in 2006 to a global software company with over $100 million annual revenue and nearly 500 employees. Bootstrapped and profitable since its foundation 18 years ago, Workleap recently announced a $125M investment from CDPQ, marking an important milestone for the company.  

The motivation that led Simon to start Workleap in a small Montreal apartment with two of his friends continues to drive him today: building great products to help companies achieve their ambitions. 

Today, Workleap is focused on building simple employee experience software that enables people to work at their best. And with the fast-paced evolution of the world of work, the opportunities for Workleap have never been greater. 

Outside of Workleap, Simon supports emerging leaders and the entrepreneurial community through his involvement with Centech and by sitting on the advisory boards of many young startups. He’s also an avid gardener, snowboarder and (now retired) skateboarder.  


SaaS without borders: aiming big but wisely

July 10, 2024  3:40 PM – 4:00 PM
For Simon De Baene, founder and CEO of Workleap, a cloud product knows no borders, and exporting is an integral part of its DNA. Such is the case with Workleap, which went international from day one, with great success, but certainly not without a few challenges and pitfalls along the way. See more.
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