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Nicholas Brigham Adams (he/him)

Founder/Inventor , Everileaf

Founder/Inventor , Goodly Labs

Public Editor

(Nicholas) Brigham Adams, Ph.D. is a sociologist, inventor, founder, musician, poet, collaborator, and ecosystem builder catalyzing a reflexive, high-fidelity society where more people are equipped to take responsibility for understanding and directly improving our complex, pluralistic social realities. Motivated to empower people to make the world “as better as possible for as many as possible,” he has run electoral campaigns, led a division of a think tank, invented new data scientific methods and software for intricate large-scale natural language processing, and founded and helped launch a number of succeeding, highly collaborative organizations, including the University of California Berkeley’s Social Science Computing D-Lab, The Berkeley Institute for Data Science, the Computational Text Analysis Working Group, the Text XD (Across Domains) Initiative (and conference), Everileaf, the non-profit prosocial R&D Goodly Labs, the Governance Garden, and the Atlanta HEARTH (Humane Ethical And Responsible Technology Hub). His work has been featured in popular media from the New York Times and The Atlantic, to Reader’s Digest and Roll Call. Goodly Labs’ Public Editor system, which enlists students and volunteers to specifically label over 50 types of manipulation in online content, will launch in Europe and the United States before 2024 elections.


A Truthier World

July 10, 2024  7:00 PM – 7:25 PM
Reasoning Engines, Collective Human Super Intelligence, and the Parenting of AI. See more.
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