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Shingai Manjengwa (she/her)

Head of AI Education, ChainML

Shingai Manjengwa is the Head of AI Education and leads Solutions Engineering at ChainML. ChainML is a startup based in Toronto and San Francisco specializing in conversational analytics. This AI technology allows clients to interact with databases through a chat interface, receiving accurate, insightful responses in natural language. Shingai oversees all aspects of AI adoption with clients, from conceptualization to scalable, cost-effective deployment.

A seasoned data scientist, Shingai previously directed Technical Education at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, where she transformed complex AI research into practical educational programs. These initiatives promoted AI adoption and spurred innovation across industries and government. She is also the founder of Fireside Analytics Inc., a company dedicated to educating diverse audiences about AI literacy, data science, and issues of bias and fairness in AI. Her online courses on platforms like IBM’s CognitiveClass.ai and Coursera have engaged over 500,000 learners. Additionally, Shingai authored ‘The Computer and the Cancelled Music Lessons,’ a book that introduces data science concepts to children aged 5 to 12.

An acclaimed leader in the AI field, Shingai has been recognized with numerous awards and is a Public Policy Forum Fellow. Connect with Shingai on LinkedIn and Twitter/X at @Tjido


Truth & AI with Shingai Manjengwa

July 10, 2024  6:35 PM – 7:00 PM
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