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Julie Lacasse (she/her)

Venture Partner , Amiral Ventures

Julie Lacasse is a serial entrepreneur and current venture capital partner at Amiral Ventures. Founder of Tracktik, an innovative company specialized in optimizing the management of security agencies, she led the company to international success. Drawing on her experience in export and business development, Julie now brings her expertise to Admiral Ventures, where she focuses on venture capital investment. Her inspiring career path and strategic vision make her an influential figure in the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem.



From Global Success to Strategic Investment: The Dual Career of Julie Lacasse and Frédéric Bastien

Serial entrepreneurs Julie Lacasse and Fred Bastien share their inspiring stories of exporting their companies internationally. But that's not all! Now venture capitalists, they reveal their investment vision and the key criteria they examine. Thanks to this dual role, they can provide you with invaluable insights! See More.
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