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Samson Bowen-Bronet (he/him)

CEO, Altiro Energy

Samson Bowen-Bronet is the co-founder and CEO of Altiro Energy, a company revolutionizing clean energy storage and distribution. His passion for sustainability pushed him to complete a master’s in engineering in combustion and sustainability at McGill University, where he developed a novel iron-based carbon-free fuel. A graduate of the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) and HAX programs, Samson is a value and development driven entrepreneur with a clear vision. His mission is to accelerate the green energy transition, by making clean energy available when and where it’s needed thanks to his patented metal-fuel system.



For Climate Problems There Are Hardtech Solutions

Achieving net zero is our paramount challenge, one that can't be tackled solely through SaaS. Scaling up climate hardware solutions is critical if we want to reach our climate goals. Join us for this session featuring visionary entrepreneurs who will give us hope for a brighter future. See More.
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