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Jean-Nicolas Delage (he/him)

Partner - Co-leader, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Fasken

Jean-Nicolas Delage is the co-leader of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications group and specializes in intellectual property strategy for rapidly growing technological clients.

Jean-Nicolas often helps clients with intellectual property matters during commercial transactions, including licensing, cooperation agreements, due diligence investigations, etc. He participates in implementing patent pools in the wake of new standards adopted by standard-setting bodies and advises clients on intellectual property issues that raise the standardization process. He also contributes to developing intellectual property management strategies and policies for grant agencies and businesses forming part of a research consortium that includes the government, businesses, universities and government research centres.


Behind the curtain: Legal & operational systems

July 15, 2022  7:35 PM – 7:40 PM
The fourth question, then, is whether the structure of the organization is workable. Can the business model support new hires, changes in the business plan, and ultimately, scale? Is there legal entanglement from intellectual property or software licenses? What contracts, liabilities, and obligations does the organization have today, and what will it need in the future? See more.
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