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Sarah Lacy (she/her)

Entrepreneur & Editor in Chief, Pando.com

When it comes to what’s next in tech, trends, disruption, entrepreneurship, or anything about Silicon Valley, few have the business insights, access, and acumen as legendary tech journalist and truth-teller, Sarah Lacy. With a following of millions that includes some of the most powerful players in the tech, political, hedge fund and venture capital worlds, Lacy has gained a trusted reputation for investigative journalism and spot-on analysis that has made her one of the most listened-to influencers in Silicon Valley and beyond. Her no-holds-barred reporting unravels anecdotal arguments by tracking actual investments in new technologies and companies. By following where the money is really going and digging into facts and numbers, Lacy spotlights emerging trends, separates truth from hype, spots the next game-changing entrepreneurs, and takes on what’s keeping business leaders up at night—often months before it’s on other journalists’ radar.

Currently Editor in Chief of Pando.com, the tech news site that she founded in 2012, Lacy is leading their mission to “speak truth to the new power.” She raised $4 million in venture capital (often bringing her newborn to pitch meetings) to launch the site after more than 15 years covering entrepreneurship and tech for Business Week and TechCrunch. With Pando’s launch, she joined the less than 3% of VC backed start-ups in Silicon Valley that are headed by women—a role that she has taken on with fiery advocacy and a commitment to shattering ceilings and breaking down barriers. Her upcoming book (working title: A Uterus is a Feature, Not a Bug) is a myth-shattering manifesto for strong mothers that contends that having children actually makes you stronger, not weaker in the workplace.

Delivering keynotes marked by notorious candor and biting wit (befitting her Twitter handle @sarahcuda), Sarah Lacy’s analytic, evidence-based lens can be applied to almost any industry to disrupt disruption and debunk misperceptions. Her unique perspectives on the status of women in technology, venture capital and the win-win-win of working motherhood brings a fresh voice to an enduring issue—inspiring strong mothers, potential mothers and the workplaces that support them.

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