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Stephan Ouaknine

Managing Partner, President & CEO, Inerjys Ventures

As founder of Inerjys, Stephan is both Managing Partner of Inerjys Ventures and President and CEO of Inerjys Renewables. He is responsible for fund-raising, sourcing growth investments and managing the day to day activities of Inerjys infrastructure projects globally. Stephan comes from the telecom sector, where over a 15-year career spanning three high-tech ventures, he has delivered over $1 billion in total shareholder value with three successful exits.

Stephan's success stories include Blueslice Networks, a leading provider of evolved Subscriber Data Management (eSDM) solutions for telecom carriers. Stephan led Blueslice from its foundation in 2001 until its acquisition in 2010 by Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC). At the time of its acquisition, Blueslice was the global leader in cross-platform SDM solutions deployed in tier 1 accounts in over 25 countries. Stephan's other successes include Emblaze (LSE: BLZ), a next-generation mobile multimedia company which reached a $6 billion valuation during his tenure, and Airslide Systems, a leader in next generation signalling which merged with Cantata Technology and was acquired by Dialogic (NASDAQ: DLGC).

A proven and experienced entrepreneur, Stephan knows how to develop a startup from the idea stage into a truly successful, market-leading business.
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