Startupfest version française: The world is within your reach!
July 10, 2024

Exporting for successful growth

Quebec is creating world-class startups with the potential to dominate their markets here and abroad. Join us to develop the tools essential to your success in the global marketplace. Brought to you in partnership with Startup Montréal, this 100% francophone event is the place to be to meet the key players in the export field, and glean unparalleled advice from experts and entrepreneurs who have conquered the business world.

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How to attend

Startupfest version française is for anyone wishing to develop the tools essential for your success in the global marketplace. Startupfest VF is included in the Startupfest ticket. To attend, simply purchase your ticket to Startupfest.

This content will be delivered exclusively in French.

What you can expect

Join us July 10th for keynotes, success stories (and sometimes failures) and interactive segments. Learn about international market trends and opportunities, and demystify the requirements for successful exporting.


Richard Chénier

General Manager, Startup Montréal

Vicky Boudreau

CEO, Heylist

Andrew Lockhead

CEO, Stay22

Anne Martel

Managing Director at Keira Capital | Serial Entrepreneur | Co-founder at Element AI

Simon De Baene

CEO, Workleap

Kalthoum Bouacida

Partner, AQC Capital

Etienne Crevier

Animator, Les Dérangeants

Pascale Audette

Founding Partner, Agetech Capital

Dominic Gagnon

CEO, Connect&GO

Amira Boutouchent

Cofounder & CEO, BRIDGR

Nathalie Morin

President and CEO, Polystyvert

Startupfest VF Agenda

July 10

1:00 PM


Welcome to Startupfest VF: The world is at your fingertips!

Pascale Audette, President of the Board of Startup Montréal and seasoned entrepreneur, kicks things off. See More.
Founding Partner
Agetech Capital

1:05 PM


Building Quebec's Olympic tech team!

Richard Chénier, Executive Director of Startup Montréal, highlights the key strategies that will enable Quebec to deploy its full potential and establish itself as a world leader in technology entrepreneurship. See More.
General Manager
Startup Montréal

1:30 PM


Quebec exports: key lessons on the road to international success.

Discover the inspiring story of a Quebec startup that has made its mark on the international scene. Find out how marketing outside Quebec has been at the heart of its growth! "Think big," as Elvis Gratton would say. See More.

1:50 PM


Markets or customers: the strategic choice for global growth

There's no secret recipe for international success. Discover the different strategies you can adopt to realize your international export ambitions. See More.

2:10 PM


The floor is yours! We're playing "Ask me anything... about exporting"

Dominic Gagnon and Anne Martel lend themselves to the game of answering burning questions about the international success of their companies. See More.
Managing Director at Keira Capital | Serial Entrepreneur | Co-founder at Element AI

2:40 PM


Mastering cultural and regulatory challenges to conquer global markets

Alongside Nathalie Morin of Polystyvert and Kalthoum Bouacida of AQC Capital, discover how a deep understanding of cultural nuances can transform your business approach and catalyze your startup's success abroad. See More.
President and CEO
AQC Capital

3:00 PM


Debate! The United States : an unavoidable market for Quebec exports

We share one of the world's largest borders with our neighbors to the south. 63.4% of our Canadian exports go to the U.S... Everything points to the fact that the U.S. is unavoidable or even inevitable as the first market to explore in an export strategy. Our two teams of export-savvy entrepreneurs will debate this hot topic in an Oxford-style debate. Which team will influence or even change your opinion? Moderated by Étienne Crevier, this interactive segment is not to be missed! See More.
Cofounder & CEO
Les Dérangeants

3:40 PM


SaaS without borders: aiming big but wisely

For Simon De Baene, founder and CEO of Workleap, a cloud product knows no borders, and exporting is an integral part of its DNA. Such is the case with Workleap, which went international from day one, with great success, but certainly not without a few challenges and pitfalls along the way. See More.

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