Hive Mind: Harnessing the wisdom of the crowds

Published On Jun 29, 2022

If you could ask a question to the whole  audience, what would you ask?

We’re harnessing the wisdom of the crowds by crowdsourcing questions and answers from the audience. Each year Startupfest brings in hundreds of innovators and founders  with a wealth of knowledge, all in one space. Here’s your chance to ask them a question, and get a bunch of answers! We call this Hive Mind

Hive Mind is a three-stage activation that crowdsources questions, then answers, from the audience, before letting our on stage panel of mentors respond. Not only is it a fun icebreaker, but it’s also a chance to see what’s on people’s minds and hear short chunks of wisdom from the stage. It’s exactly like asking a speaker a question during a talk, except you’re asking the whole audience. 

Using your mobile device, we’ll take questions from the audience based on a topic. Have a question you’d like to ask investors? Or maybe you have a question for all the founders? You can ask your question to everyone in the room, or just a specific group. The best questions will be presented live for the audience to respond and our panel of mentors will chime in on their two cents. 

This is your chance to ask the audience a question, and get answers from hundreds of entrepreneurs in real time. The room will be packed with smart, successful people– so spend some time thinking of all your burning questions you’d like to ask the entire Startpfest audience. 

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