Startupfest stories: Magnestar Inc.

Published On Mar 28, 2023

Startupfest is more than just great content and networking—it’s a launchpad for some remarkable startups. Each year, the winners and finalists of our largest prizes go on to achieve remarkable successes, and we’re thrilled to play a role in that. We’re proud that so many great businesses have emerged from Startupfest; it’s a reminder that we’re a founder-first organization.

Here’s just one example—a quick look at Jacqueline Good’s experience at the conference in 2022.


Jacqueline Good: Winner of the Best of the Fest Investment Prize


Jacqueline Good(1)

There’s a lot of stuff in space.

Magnestar Inc. is a clearing-house exchange platform that predicts signal interference for space operators with 24/7 signal monitoring. Founder and CEO Jacqueline Good won the Best of the Fest Investment prize at Startupfest.

Since winning the Startupfest prize, she’s raised $1.1M from a variety of investors, including 1862 Capital, The BDC Thrive Venture Fund, Entrepreneur First, and BoxOne Ventures (one of the Investor Judges). Magnestar has also expanded its team and is actively seeking to hire more talent.

Jacqueline attributes her success to the valuable relationships she formed with investors and other founders at Startupfest. She emphasized the importance of having a network of founders to learn from while building a company, and the relationships she formed during the event continue to flourish today.

Her advice for startups wishing to attend Startupfest is to show up, pitch to all the judging circles you can and connect with as many folks as possible; this event is booming with investors, founders and mentors looking to make significant connections. 

If you want to learn more about her experience at Startupfest but also about her overall journey to where she is today, she penned her growth experience here.

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