13 juillet 2018  18:20 – 19:00
Trame « Future of »

Future of healthcare: How convergence of exponential technology within the plecosystem economy is already defining our future

We have been living in a multi-platform ecosystem (aka Plecosystem) for almost a decade already, and yet few organizations have built their future strategy around a plecosystem approach. Every healthcare organization must develop a plecosystem strategy that maximizes the opportunity for accelerated innovation through convergence of multiple exponential technologies, e.g. Machine Learning, IOT, Voice integration, EHR with untethered PHR, Integrated Virtual Care, API platforms, Cloud strategies, Blockchain implementations, etc. Failure to embrace a plecosystem strategy with slow innovation, raise costs and reduce ROI and services offered. All too often, “Innovation Teams” are too focused on point solutions rather than platform solutions, and they are increasingly putting their organizational cost structure and innovation stream in peril.

Assistant Medical Director, Chief Medical Information Officer
Kaiser Permanente, SCAL
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