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Ritika Dutt

Co-founder, Botler AI

Growing up in Hong Kong and Singapore, Ritika has a diverse and multicultural background as a third culture kid. When she was 22, she founded the marketing department of a Y Combinator startup from scratch, after graduating from McGill University in Montreal. For her next challenge, she joined Montreal’s Google for Entrepreneurs tech hub, where she fostered the local startup community by supporting and promoting innovative ventures and initiatives. With a background in economics and innovation, Ritika co-founded Botler AI in 2017 in order to tackle the much larger issues of the distribution of resources and accessibility, or lack thereof, of basic needs. Botler AI aims to help make the legal and justice systems more accessible to all, regardless of their race, color or creed. Ritika has a BA in Econ & Political Science and is a CFA II candidate.

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