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Myra Tawfik (she/her)

Professor of Law and EPICentre Professor, IP Commercialization and Strategy, University of Windsor

Professor Myra Tawfik is Professor of Law and the EPICentre Professor of IP Commercialization and Strategy at the University of Windsor. An expert in intellectual property law, her research and teaching interests lie in the areas of copyright law, trademark law, international IP law, IP strategy and IP legal history. Professor Tawfik has founded and led a number of multidisciplinary clinics, knowledge mobilization and community outreach projects designed to provide Canadian start-ups and innovators with the skills they need to succeed in a global innovation economy.

In 2014, she was appointed a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) to lead research on capacity-building in IP legal knowledge mobilization. Her CIGI special report: “Addressing a Gap in Canada’s Global Innovation Strategy: Capacity-Building in IP Literacy, IP Strategy and Access to Affordable IP Legal Services” was released in September 2016. She has participated in a number of public policy forums at both provincial (Ontario) and federal levels relating to her work on IP literacy and IP education.

Professor Tawfik is also a former Acting Dean and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law and is currently completing a book on the history of copyright law and policy in Canada as well as a primer on IP strategy for non-lawyers.

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