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Alison Anderson (she/her)

CEO & Founder, SuccessionMatching

In a culture that often dramatizes entrepreneurship as a quick and easy path to fame and fortune, Alison Anderson understands the struggles of launching a startup, raising capital and riding the turbulence during growth.
Started in 2012, SuccessionMatching is a marketplace for buying and selling businesses, backed by Techstars and private equity, Alison is on a mission to change the way the next generation gets into business.



Mentor Roundtables: Let's Solve Your Problems

Every startup must master a range of skills, from hiring and selling, to delivering products, to crafting superb communications that compel and entice. See More.

Do as I say, not as I did

In the startup world, we mostly hear about the success stories. To a startup, "be like Netflix" is pretty hard if you're not Reed Hastings in the late nineties. What's really valuable, however, is tales of honest failure. See More.

Mentor Roundtables: Taboo Topics (back by popular demand!)

There's no such thing as a stupid question—but there are plenty of questions nobody asks, because they're taboo. See More.
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