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Timm Chiusano (he/him)

Principal, Chiusano & Daughter

Timm is a unicorn in the corporate space as an accomplished executive leader with no college degree who can solve complex business problems, while also being the creative lead for a company’s brand. Timm has a live sports production background and marketing experience at all levels, plus a track record of driving positive cultural changes for large companies.

Timm is also an idiot savant in the social media world. His raw, authentic content inspires his 1M+ followers to see life differently every day, for the better. A creative at heart always, his creator journey didn’t start in earnest until 2020. Timm has now found himself in the odd world of being TikTok famous in his mid-forties while still carrying a full-time corporate job at a Fortune 100 company.

Timm, his wife Kelly and their daughter Evelyn reside in a Brooklyn row house they brought back to life after 15 years of abandonment. Timm was also once a goaltender in Ontario’s Junior hockey system. His first book, HOW TO GET ADDICTED TO APPRECIATION, will be published in 2025.



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