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Candice Faktor (she/her)

Co-CEO, Disco / Lobby Capital

This speaker is exclusively speaking at WIT Bootcamp.

I am the cofounder and Co-CEO of Disco, the #1 platform for social learning. Used by organizations for up-skilling, on-boarding, partner enablement, training and incubation programs, Disco makes  learning together fun, easy and engaging. 

These days, I am very interested in augmenting human potential, learning and wisdom with advances in AI. 

Before this, I helped scale Wattpad, as Head of Business and Global GM, one of the world’s largest storytelling communities, which sold for US$660MM.

I am a venture partner for Lobby.vc, a Series A Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

I am the host of Gamechanger.co, a community + podcast focused on creating the future we want and thriving in uncertainty. 

I was previously on the Board of two AI companies - Coveo (went public) and Dreambox Learning (merged w Discovery Ed). 

A bit more about me - a yogi at heart, originally from South Africa, live in Toronto, and proud mom to two awesome boys.


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