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Tim Tokarsky (he/him)

Founding partner , i4 Capital

I have over 35 years experience in technology companies in fields ranging from computing, geophysics, finance, enterprise software to deep tech and hard tech. I have been either a developer, an inventor, a founder, an investor, an executive, a board member or chairman ( sometimes multiple roles ), in over 25 companies, from founding to IPO ( 5 ) or other exits. I have seen almost everything that can happen to early stage founders and have in many cases lived it. I can help early stage founders understand what is coming as they grow and help them set up today the infrastructure that will allow them to survive the challenges they don't know are coming. I have helped bring multiple companies from zero revenue to hundreds of millions and from founding valuations to multiple billions.



Where Does All the Money Go? Decoding Financing for Hardware Startups

Unlock the secrets of securing hardtech funding in "Where does the money go?" A must-attend panel for startups aiming to understand the investor mindset. Find out what makes a startup bankable, from investment criteria to strategic positioning. Learn directly from financial experts and top hardtech investors how to prepare your venture for success. This session offers the tools to transform your startup into an attractive investment, bridging innovation with financial viability. See more.
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