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Susan Schofer (she/her)

Partner, SOSV

Partner & Chief Science Officer, HAX

Susan Schofer is an experienced startup operator and company builder with over 15 years of experience in roles spanning R&D, product development, product management, strategy, partnerships, business development, and commercialization. She is also a climate tech venture capital investor, evaluating and working closely with a broad range of technical and scientific founders to accelerate the de-risking and commercialization of impactful innovations. As a global executive, Susan has a successful track record leading climate tech and sustainability-focused innovation in the biotech, materials, consumer, and chemical industries. She is an accomplished corporate development and business development leader, with expertise in evaluating white-space opportunities, creating business strategies, and carrying out all aspects of strategic partnerships throughout phases of the deal cycle, including opportunity assessment and initial partner engagement, due diligence processes, crafting of key terms, and negotiation to close definitive agreements.



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