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Vincent Routhier (he/him)


Vincent Routhier has always been a visionary, passionate about the art of storytelling while creating a positive impact on the world. From the outset, his creativity was expressed through music and film, gradually evolving towards the integration of innovative technologies. Accompanied by talented collaborators, he has constantly pushed back the boundaries of storytelling, exploring new worlds and conceiving ambitious projects.
In 2017, the innovative idea of creating an immersive teaching space, connecting forward-thinking teachers and their students, emerged. Lü was born, a Quebec-based educational technology company offering facilities and developing content that transforms physical education curricula for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Lü aims to create interactive learning experiences that enable schools to stimulate and motivate students, and help them grow socio-emotionally, intellectually and physically. 



Debate! The United States : an unavoidable market for Quebec exports

We share one of the world's largest borders with our neighbors to the south. 63.4% of our Canadian exports go to the U.S... Everything points to the fact that the U.S. is unavoidable or even inevitable as the first market to explore in an export strategy. Our two teams of export-savvy entrepreneurs will debate this hot topic in an Oxford-style debate. Which team will influence or even change your opinion? Moderated by Étienne Crevier, this interactive segment is not to be missed! See more.
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