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Susan Hunt (she/her)

Chief Innovation Officer, Oneka Technologies

I've spent over 20 years working all over the ocean sector developing ocean-based hardware products and building ocean innovation investment portfolios. Currently working as an executive on my fourth ocean-focused scaleup (with no end in sight), and also wear a couple of other ocean-related hats as the incoming President of the Marine Technology Society and Director of MEOPAR.



Ocean Global Ecosystem Showcase

Canada is revolutionizing the blue economy by adapting to industry needs and nurturing a dynamic startup ecosystem. Featuring representatives from La Zone Bleue, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, COAST, and Oneka Technologies, this session will delve into the strategies and collaborative efforts that are driving growth and sustainability in the ocean sector. Discover how these organizations support startups, address global ocean opportunities, and position Canada as a blue economy leader. See More.
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