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Peter Kirwan (he/him)

CEO, Mebot AI Corp

CEO of Mebot AI Corp. Peter is a Tech Entrepreneur, Executive and investor focused on AI, AR & VR. Over 30 years of experience with internet startups. Peter is highly skilled at seeing future technology trends and understanding the business strategies that must be executed to take advantage of them. He has co-founded several companies in the Tech/internet industry as well as consumer products and entertainment. He has sold and successfully managed the integration of companies post-acquisition, as gone through the IPO process and stayed on as an officer of a public company.

Specialties: Technology strategy, AI, AR/VR, Web3, Media/entertainment technology strategy, Sales & Marketing, M&A.


AugMentor Access: Domain Dilemmas

July 12, 2023  5:55 PM – 7:10 PM

AugMentor Access: Taboo Topics

July 13, 2023  6:45 PM – 8:00 PM
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