July 11, 2024  2:40:00 PM GMT-4 – 3:25:00 PM GMT-4

Investor AMA: Investing in today's climate

It's hard to read the current economic climate. Sustained inflation chased money from stocks into savings, while spooked investors fled a crypto collapse. Almost overnight, the launch of ChatGPT changed every startup product. Soon, it will change the makeup of founding teams. It's a time of high uncertainty and high opportunity—which means that for many investors, it's back to basics. And for many founders, it's self-funded growth and strategic partners. This panel is a chance ask leading investors your questions about where their heads are at, what they're looking for, and how the companies they back are weathering the storm.

Good Future
Pender Ventures
Co-founder and Managing Partner
BKR Capital
Diaspora Ventures
Inovia Capital
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