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Jonathan Lowenhar (he/him)

Founder , Enjoy the Work

Throughout his nearly 30 year career, Jonathan has successfully built a $1B business segment for a large public company, guided the turnaround of a distressed $100M+ revenue business, launched and sold a venture-backed startup, and led another startup to global scale.

Those very different endeavors have led him to obsess over a single question, "how does a founder become a great CEO?" He has interviewed hundreds of founders and investors seeking clarity to that question. And when no good answer presented itself, he teamed up with a group of exceptional former founders, operators and investors to create their own solution.

Since 2015, Jonathan has led Enjoy The Work, a firm with the singular mission of helping founders become great CEOs. Founders invent miraculous things. Their role is to teach founders how to build high performing companies to bring those inventions to the world.



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