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Teija Bean (she/her)

Head of Design , Forum Ventures, AI Studio

Teija serves as the Head of Design at Forum Ventures AI Studio, where she specializes in
transforming AI-focused concepts into market-ready SaaS products. Forum Ventures is
committed to fostering responsible AI development, emphasizing the creation of products that are both impactful and sustainable.

With a previous background leading a Product Agency and various design teams in the realms
of AI, Web3, B2B, and B2C SaaS, Teija has honed her ability to guide startups from ideation through to market launch. This experience has equipped her with insights into avoiding common pitfalls and effectively supporting founders in developing MVPs that are not only market-ready but also show traction, raise capital and are deeply aligned with customer needs.

Beyond her professional achievements, Teija is also deeply committed to advising emerging
entrepreneurs and mentoring product designers.


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